Visualising Medicine.
Biology and Medicine Tutorials


“What started as a hobby, became a passion.”

The first video I created was for my pharmacology class, where I had to do a presentation on a drug. I realized that creating this video helped me significantly in understanding and retaining the information. I decided to do more videos on various subject from the basics of human anatomy and physiology to the more complex biochemistry and immunology. I began uploading them onto Youtube, and had great feedback. I was happy and excited. What started as a hobby became a passion.


“To help a wide community of life long learners, reignite their desire for science.”

As a student I have first-hand experience in the huge amount of information and knowledge required to be a competent health/science professional. Often, studying for medical and biological sciences can be an extremely boring and draining experience.

My aim is to deliver complex medical and biological concepts quickly and through a creative and engaging approach/method. Therefore, helping a wide community of life-long learners, from novice students to experienced professionals, to reignite their desire for science and refreshing basic concepts.